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Catan Diving Services

At Catan Divers we believe that no two divers and dive trips are the same and each one deserves the very best.  We take the time to get to know you so we can help you find your perfect dive experience.

Catan Divers is the first professional Dive Centre on the island of Catanduanes. We provide daily scuba diving trips, scuba diving packages, introduction to Scuba Diving experiences and PADI Scuba Diving Courses. Additionally we deliver First Aid training, under the internationally recognised EFR training program to divers and non divers alike.

Learn to scuba dive and open a new world of exploration. Find the PADI course that is right for you

With over 20 dive sites varying in depths to suit every certification level we provide day dive trips to suit all

Experience reefs and dive sites that have hardly been explored or dived

Experience the joy of diving without interruption from other divers or boats and experience nature at its natural best

Exploration & Experiences

There is a whole unexplored island to experience when not diving

There is so much more to Catanduanes than scuba diving…so much more. Largely unexplored this is a an island awaiting your discovery and is sure to offer rich experiences for the intrepid traveller